Winthrop Signs Lease For Wellness Pavilion

RYE, N.Y. — It It was an all-time "first" for Alfred Weissman Real Estate - a lease signed at a luncheon!

The Chamber's September 27 Luncheon featuring Alfred Weissman, president, and owner of the former Saks Fifth Avenue, building on Franklin Avenue and his team of architects and engineers, was the occasion for this unprecedented event. There, at the luncheon, a 15-year lease was signed with Winthrop University Hospital for a wellness pavilion stated to open this spring.

Alfred touched listeners as he told of his father's employment by Saks Fifth Avenue as a tailor for 40 years and his own employment there as a teenager. "For me to buy these buildings (which also include the Saks' national distribution center in Yonkers) is something that could only happen in America. When I salute the flag, it means more to me than you could ever imagine."

The Winthrop Wellness Pavilion will be a combination of medical and fitness services offered by Winthrop and the Connecticut based Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness, a company that partners with hospitals to create specialized fitness centers. Services will include physical therapy, health education resource center, classes and seminars, personal trainers, a lap pool, Winthrop's Orthopedic Center, space for retail use, and a variety of additional services and amenities.

Alan Weissman, Alfred Weissman's son, a principal with Alfred Weissman Real Estate. The Winthrop Wellness Pavilion, situated at the northern gate to Garden City, will serve as a welcome addition and extension of the Village's Franklin Avenue Beautification and renovation project as well as a medical resource for the community.